"There isn't anything that the Sky does not cover and the Earth does not support." Wah Tor, Sage Physician c.140 - 208.


Ancient Energy Healing that utilizes the same energy which started pumping your heart when you were in your 30 days of development and the energy charged every cell in the body. This energy runs throughout the body in Merridians. That's why points on the upper body can treat the lower body.

Fu Method Body Alignment

Techniques developed by BoMaen Fu that utilizes movements and manual pressure on acupuncture points with focuses on effortless breathing by balancing the mind, body and Orthopedics benefits that corrects misalignments from injuries and misaligned postures from birth.

Fu Method Transformation (FMT)

Discovered by Bomaen Fu FMT can balance the brain and nervous system balancing by utilizing points on the face, neck, and scalp to relive PTSD, Emotional Traumas, hyperactivity of the mind, and Mental Blocks. Case by case, FMT is as unlimited as the mind.

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The Healer and the healings

"There isn't anything the Earth doesn't support and the Sky doesn't covers." Hua Tuo, Sage Physician c.140-208.

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BoMaen Fu, L.Ac.

Creator of Fu Method Body Alignment and Fu Method Transformation Techniques.

On August 8th, 1998, BoMaen left NYC in response to a message that came to her in a dream a year before. She arrived San Francisco seeking the Master of Chinese Medicine who was waiting for her at the door. She met Master Tsuie at his school in Oakland, CA. where she studied Classical Chinese Medicine. Bo Maen became a physician on GTS Constellation of Celebrity Cruise. Upon retuning to NYC, she was a sleep technician where she learnt about brain waves. Bo Maen went on to studied with different Masters. Among those were Grandmaster Zhou Ting Jue, Grandmaster Chen Feng, and Shamans of different cultures. Through Yoga, Meditations, and her background with studying movements and breathing besides her talent for Acupuncture and Herbs, Bo Maen developed a unique set of techniques to align the body, mind, and breath individually per patient's need. In 2020, Bo Maen discovered Fu Method Transformation which helps neutralize emotions and enhances clarity of the mind.

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Fu Method Transformation

Doing well in life doesn't equal to feeling well.

Transformation doesn't require decades of meditations and talk therapy to reach Metacognition. Malnutrition and one hundred years of mental manipulations through advertisements with abnormal psychology have caused mental confusions. Fu Method Transformation utilizes acupuncture point discovered by Bo Maen Fu and geometric movements of the eyes to neutralize emotional attachments with past events and experiences that confuse the mind from being present. The person will experience an unfamiliar sense of relieve and deep relaxation of the mind after the session. The best part of all the person does not have to talk about her/his experiences. Talking is only the descriptions of an experience. For lack of a better word, it never expresses the authentic impacts of the experiences. Never before has there been a healing modality that can reach the true meaning of suffering and allows healing from that depth. After the emotions are neutralized, the knowledge of the experiences will remain without a charge. FMT has helped many to formulate new life.

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Fu Method Body Alignment

Ancient Orthopedics Healing for Modern Time

Misalignment of the joints and organs can impinge optium functions of the body especially breathing. Since ancient times, physicians have recognized breathing is the most important function of the human body. Without the ability to breath a full breath, the mind can become foggy and confused. Breathing isn't just about healthy lungs. It requires the whole body being in a correct and supporting alignment. The diaphragm is a large muscle that is attached to the front bottom of the ribcage to the lower lumbar and continues by ligament to the coccyx (tail bone). Breathing also circulates blood and air throughout the body which connects the mind. Misalignments of the body can occur during birth or accidental injuries. Bo Maen Fu has spent decades developing a set of gentle techniques by movements and acupressure to correct misalignment like joints dislocation and organs dislocation. Every session is individualized and will move the entire body into a balanced form of posture according to the person.

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